AreSimple | Privacy Policy

Last Modified: November 6, 2014

AreSimple takes your privacy seriously. Below is a description of how our apps collect and use information about users.


AreSimple uses Google Admob to support our apps. AreSimple doesn’t explicitly provide any user information to Google Admob, however according to Google, “Google may use the device ID from where the ad is serving to generate interest and demographic categories (for example, 'sports enthusiasts' or 'inferred age: 18-34'). These interest and demographic categories will be used to serve ads better targeted to the user.” Follow this link for more information:


AreSimple uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous, non-personally identifiable information to better understand how users engage with our apps and to keep track of how our apps are performing. Follow this link for more information on how Google uses data when you use one of their partners' sites or apps (such as AreSimple applications):

Other Third Party Services

AreSimple may share other non-personally identifiable information with other third party services including, but not limited to, location information for the purposes of getting location specific data (such as gps coordinates for weather data) and data provided by users to retrieve user requested information (such as a zip code in order to add a known location to a user’s saved location list).